What to do after an accident:

Here are a few steps to follow if you are ever involved in an accident:

First, make sure that everyone involved is safe and that any necessary medical care is being provided. Then, notify the local police.

Write down the following information:
  • Location, date, and time
  • Names, addresses, insurance information, and license numbers for all drivers and passengers involved 
  • License plate numbers and vehicle descriptions  
  • Any injuries that you witness  
  • Names and telephone numbers of any witnesses

Then, you should report your accident to your insurance carrier immediately.

How do I report an accident and/or claim?

Each insurance carrier has a special claims department trained specifically to help you through the claims process.  Please find your insurance carrier below for contact information.  If you are not sure who your carrier is or do not see them listed below, please do not hesitate to contact us at the office or by email. 

Auto Carriers

Progressive - 800.-876.5581

Palisades - 877.PAL.NICE (that's 877.725.6423)

NJ Skylands - 866.279.7688

Travelers - 800.252.4633 or Report a claim online

Encompass - 800.588.7400

Allstate - 800.386.6126

AIG - 800.681.7487

NJM - 800.882.1302

AutoOne (Camden Fire) - 866.216.2027

Praetorian - 800.848.1777

State Farm - 800-949-3494

Twin Lights - 908.219.5050